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i'm a bit skeptical about sonic forces, but i still have faith that it'll be great
A Thing That Should Not Be
drew this in my spare time
imagine walking in the woods when this comes running straight towards you. what would you do? 
Tagged by :iconchaoscrossing:

 Rules (Made by the original owner):
1. Write the rules. (Or copy and paste them, whichever you prefer.)
2. Write 13 things about yourself.
3. Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
4. Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know that they are tagged.
5. Don't say ''You're tagged if you read this".
6. It is forbidden not to tag anyone.
7. Tag backs are allowed.
8. If you don't make this tag in a week, you need to obey a wish of the person who tags you

13 Facts about Me: 
1. i'm african american
2. i have a fear of heights
3. i have a strong love for dairy foods 
4. i have two dogs
5. i tend to be anxious more often than not 
6. the first games that i ever recall playing were a blues clues game, jak II, and demos of crash team racing and spyro 2
7. i hope to become a prominent cartoonist/game designer 
8. i have a fascination with things that a majority of people don't know about or remember 
9. my favorite gaming platforms are the snes and the amiga
10. i'm always working towards improving and evolving my art skills
11. i wanted to be a firefighter when i was a kid 
12. backgrounds are one of my biggest artistic weaknesses
13. i just told you 13 facts about myself

:iconchaoscrossing: asked:
1. Can you English good?
Why Yeah I Can Good English Sir Mr 
2. What made you want to draw?
watching classic tom and jerry/looney tunes/popeye shorts and the flintstones on dvd (which i still own to this day) as well as the classic nickelodeon cartoons/cartoon network shows
3. Do you prefer to draw males or females?
can't really say, but i do have more fun coming up with female characters than i do male characters 
4. What type of person am I to you?
a great friend who's always got something to say as well as an array of interesting characters
5. How long did the hardest art piece take you?
this took a while to get right
6. Are you a fan of cartoon robots?
no, i'm a fan of robot cartoons
7. Favorite cartoon show?
too many to count, but some in particular would have to be spongebob seasons 1-3, south park, samurai jack, powerpuff girls, batman tas, the simpsons, and animaniacs
8. Do you think that every fanbase had their cringy side?
i think that if you try to ignore some of the more "out-there" people (which let's be honest, there will be at least one of those in every fanbase), then you'll be fine
9. What's your favorite type of music?
a tie between psychedelic/orchestral
10. Which recent game's fanbase ruined the game for you?
see 8 
11. Were half of your notifications fulled with Pear art?
12. Favorite show from your childhood?
again, too many to count
13. Ever had a time where you looked back at your old art and just cringed?
hell yes

my picks:
:iconclxcool: :iconhusseinhaji: :iconsparksing-major: :iconash1rose: :iconmonster-of-something: :iconp-hangman: :iconthefugitoid: :iconwaltman13: :iconloggofrog: :icongenoofstarroad: :iconsuperabachibro: :iconjsant98: :iconbluemaxwell: 
1. what is your greatest achievement?
2. what is the most satisfying ending to a game that you've played?
3. what are your top 5 favorite cartoons?
4. was there ever a time where you just felt completely hopeless? 
5. what is your preferred method of browsing the internet?
6. have you ever had a dream that was ultimately too good to be true?
7. what is your favorite drink?
8. are there any movies/games that you're looking forward to?
10. what is the worst update that this site has ever had?
11. what is your favorite game of all time?
12. who are your favorite authors?
13. what is the worst tv show that you've ever watched? 


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professional retro game/cartoon snob


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